Pet Food…Lost In The Sea Of Choice

Shopping in America is great. The width and breadth of choices available to us is really astounding and is the envy of the world. This great Retail Carnival has rolled into town and never leaves. With flashing lights and signs, jingles and themes, the largest selection of exotic offerings from around the world are at our fingertips like never before. Choice abounds at near infinite levels.

Indeed, it now seems that the availability of this level of choice has become one of our culture’s core values in itself. We derive a sense of security from the sheer number of alternatives available in the market. But this is a false sense of security. Choice abounds, but what is the right choice? What do we need to know to make the right choice? Is that child’s toy decorated with lead paint? Is a so called “natural” pet product really what it says on the package?

Here lies the problem with stores that try to carry everything: it becomes impossible for the people at the store to have a deep understanding of the products they are making available. There is too much to learn, understand, research and monitor. To properly assist a customer choosing from a huge selection, the salesperson must have in depth knowledge across the entire range of products offered. If not, then they become little more than stock clerks, only knowing which bag goes where.

Exacerbating the problem of ignorance, some manufacturers will misappropriate the terms “natural”, “organic” and “holistic”. Purveyors that do not take the time to investigate their products and educate their employees run the risk of unintentionally deceiving their customers. While some holistic manufacturers are diligent and responsible in their claims, there are many that still use ingredients unfit for your pet’s consumption. It only takes a drop of poison to spoil the wine!

When deciding what pet foods I would carry in my store, I concentrated on foods that were closer to what your pet is designed to digest, supplements that would aid, repair and enhance your pet’s life as well as yummy treats that would tantalize their taste buds but not add inches to their waist line. The result was a well balanced product line of the highest quality without the empty marketing catch phrases and come-ons that lure buyers into a false sense of security.

When considering your own pet’s diet, you should start by asking “what did I really feed my pet today?” I encourage you to seek the advice of a pet nutrition expert. My team is here to help you craft an appropriate diet for your pet so you will no longer be lost in the sea of choice.