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Brushing Teeth & Cleaning Ears

How often should we be brushing teeth and cleaning ears and do you have good products to assist and a way to get dogs to enjoy it more? We shouldn’t have to brush teeth or clean ears. Nature intended our dogs to do this on their own. Since we deviated from the natural diet of […]

Ear Infections

The reoccurrence of a dog’s ear infection is not surprising. In the battle for pet health, topical medications and antibiotic treatments are weapons which can help win a battle, but will most likely fail to win the war. They do not address the underlying cause, which is the existence of an environment favorable to the […]

The Itchy Pet

While shedding and itching are typical signs of an allergic condition, you should be aware that clinical allergy testing is an expensive and potentially traumatic experience for your dog, without any guarantee of conclusive results. A typical course of allergy testing involves injecting a variety of allergens into the skin to see if they provoke […]