Monthly Archives: December 2016

Over-weight Dog

My dog is really overweight. How do I know exactly how much to feed him? And what are the best snacks for him? Doctors have said humans do well to graze rather than eat big meals – does it work that way for dogs as well? Should I consider smaller meals and healthy snacks instead of […]

New Puppy

My family and I just got a new puppy. What are some things you recommend to start her out right?  Congratulations on your addition to the family! Like yourself, most new dog owner’s are realizing that nutrition is just as important as potty and behavioral training. Feeding your puppy a proper diet with a high-quality […]

Brushing Teeth & Cleaning Ears

How often should we be brushing teeth and cleaning ears and do you have good products to assist and a way to get dogs to enjoy it more? We shouldn’t have to brush teeth or clean ears. Nature intended our dogs to do this on their own. Since we deviated from the natural diet of […]


Is there a list of healthy treats you can provide to reward our pets – and are there are common ones we might find in our own refrigerator or pantry? What dog doesn’t love treats! Your dog’s age, metabolism, and weight should be a factor in deciding what treats are best. If you are giving […]

Feeding Table Scraps

My dog eats the healthy food I give him, but he loves table food…especially stew. Can I switch up a meal or two each week, and is it ok for our dogs? They say it’s best to switch up our own diets – could it be true for our dogs as well? Feeding our pets […]