This Limited Nike Kyrie 4 NBA 2K18 Custom Was Gifted To Some Of The Best NBA 2K18 Players

The Nike Kyrie 4 customs you see above are known as the. NBA 2K18 made 200 pairs of these and gifted them to players who completed the “Road to 99” game mode.

The “Road to 99” was designed to keep players motivated in reaching a maximum rating in NBA 2K18. You start from a 65 overall rating and with increment of 5 work your way all the way up to a 99 overall rating (once you reach 90, you increase your overall rating by one). The first 200 players to get an overall rating of 99 were gifted the  Nike Kyrie 4 NBA 2K18 you see above. Opting for a mismatched theme, the Nike Kyrie 4 NBA 2K18 uses Pink, Teal, Blue, and Orange hues as well as Kyrie Irving graphic insoles, text on the Swoosh (medial side), side panels (lateral side), speckled midsoles and icy outsoles.

Get a good look at the Nike Kyrie 4 NBA 2K18 above and let us know if you know anyone who won a pair.

via: whoelsebutdeetho