Raw Foods For Dogs

Raw food is a biologically appropriate diet comprised of un-cooked bones, muscle meat and organs with a small amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. "Raw" is full of enzymes, amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals that are unaltered or destroyed through processing. It is considered the healthiest diet your pet could eat.


Aunt Jeni’s

Aunt Jeni’s Home Made believes that the best nutrition for pets comes from nature. What we put inside our pets is reflected on the outside. Their pet foods contain fresh, natural, raw, fit-for-human-consumption ingredients. They believe that trying things that... Learn More



High quality prepared raw diets, like Bravo!, mirror the ancestral diet. They are made from various combinations of fresh raw meat, fresh organ meats, uncooked bones, fresh vegetables and added vitamins and minerals. Bravo! formulates all of their products to include... Learn More


K9 Kravings

K-9 Kraving’s frozen raw diet dog food are U.S.A Made products, manufactured first hand in Baltimore, MD from ingredients sourced fresh from within the United States (fresh Elk meat, fresh whole Mackerel are imported from Canada). K-9 Kraving frozen raw... Learn More


Nature’s Variety (raw)

Raw food is the most natural form of nutrition for your dog and cat – as evidenced by the astounding results our customers experience every day. Weight management, energy, and healthy skin and coat are just some of the amazing... Learn More



To reinvent how dog and cat owners think about their pets nutrition requirements and health care needs supported by science, practices, social and environmentally conscience principles to improve the probability that not only will our pets live longer, happier and... Learn More