Raw Foods For Dogs

Raw food is a biologically appropriate diet comprised of un-cooked bones, muscle meat and organs with a small amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. "Raw" is full of enzymes, amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals that are unaltered or destroyed through processing. It is considered the healthiest diet your pet could eat.

OC Raw

OC Raw (raw and freeze dried)

  OC Raw Dog is a family-owned business born from a personal mission of making the best possible nutritious natural food for dogs for a reasonable cost. Their experience with dogs drove the formulations to have a purpose, more than a... Learn More

Bones & Co

Bones & Co (raw and freeze dried)

Bones & Co believe Mother Nature is the best chef. Working with pet nutritionists, they make their food based on what canines were supposed to eat: low-carb, freshly prepared foods. Bones and Co’s unique K.E.T.O.® recipe is available in both... Learn More

Bixbi 3

Bixbi (freeze dried)

A balanced diet, topper or treat, BIXBI Freeze-Dried can do it all with meat, organs and bone in a limited ingredient recipe. Packed with nutrients and flavor, all animal proteins are sourced in the USA except for our French duck... Learn More

Open Farm

Open Farm (freeze dried)

Open Farm was born—from the simple idea that pet food can both be good for your pet, and do some good for farm animals and the environment, all at the same time. For Open Farm, that meant not only sourcing... Learn More


Vital Essentials (raw and freeze dried)

Vital Essentials a family-owned company, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin produces high-quality raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food, snacks, and treats. Vital Essential follows the ALPHA Prey-Model Diet which contains no added fruits or vegetables – just meat, vital organs, and bones.... Learn More