Raw Foods For Dogs

Raw food is a biologically appropriate diet comprised of un-cooked bones, muscle meat and organs with a small amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. "Raw" is full of enzymes, amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals that are unaltered or destroyed through processing. It is considered the healthiest diet your pet could eat.


Vital Essentials

Vital Essentials a family-owned company, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin produces high-quality raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food, snacks, and treats. Vital Essential follows the ALPHA Prey-Model Diet which contains no added fruits or vegetables – just meat, vital organs, and bones.... Learn More


Oma’s Pride

Oma’s Pride is a complete line of prepared raw pet food products made expressly for those feeding raw diets to their pets. With our fresh-frozen ground meat/bone products, you provide the love, while we provide the nutrition. We use fresh,... Learn More


Furry Foodie

Raw meat pet food is made from the same organic and humanely raised beef, pork, and poultry sold to our human customers. Due to minimal processing, this raw food is rich with nutrients and essential amino acids. Dog food contains... Learn More


Primal (raw and freeze dried)

Primal Formulas are produced using only the freshest, 100% human-grade ingredients. Our poultry, meat and game are antibiotic and steroid free without added hormones. We incorporate certified organic produce, certified organic minerals and unrefined vitamins to fortify our complete and... Learn More

January Staff Pick !

Stella & Chewy’s (raw and freeze dried)

When you check the list of ingredients in our Dinners, you’ll see it reads like a “who’s who” of wholesome, healthy stuff. Like raw, naturally-raised meat, poultry or fish, sourced from USDA-inspected facilities. Organic fruits and vegetables such as cranberries,... Learn More