Itchy Dog

My dog is constantly itching and biting its skin, I have switched foods with no solution…what can I do?

Many of the pets I see day after day are suffering from some sort of skin ailment. This includes hot spots, paw biting, sores, fur loss, scooting and intense scratching. Often, the root of this problem lies in the enormous amount of toxicity that has accumulated in their system. There are so many things that bombard our pets without us knowing.

Normally at optimum performance, eliminatory organs such as the liver, kidneys, and lungs, are able to filter and cleanse the body. But our modern reliance on processed foods, overuse of medicinals and other virulent substances has left our pets saturated with an abundance of irritants, preventing the eliminatory organs from fully performing their function. It is no surprise that the skin being the body’s largest organ, becomes the dumping ground for these irritants. This is what I call “the toxic pet”.

Make sure your pet’s current food obtains a majority of its crude protein from quality animal ingredients and not carbohydrates. A diet heavily comprised of carbohydrates burdens the body’s digestive system making it harder for the curative process to begin. On the other hand, proper nutrition (comprised of high quality, biologically appropriate ingredients like animal proteins) automatically boosts the body’s natural resistance.

Adding some Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oils (salmon, sardine, and anchovy) are beneficial to the skin and internal organs. Sometimes these fatty acids will help stop itching quickly because they immediately soften the skin and coat eliminating dry skin. Another great supplement to add is a detoxifying herbal remedy that can assist the body to release toxins through the feces and urine as opposed to the skin. A great one to try is Itchy Skin by Earth Animal or Detox Blend by Animal Essentials.

Overall, patience is one of the most important things to remember. Your pet’s body didn’t become sick overnight. This healing process may take days, weeks or even months. Physical and emotional signs of health will appear and your pet will emanate the glow of health, rewarding you and your pet years to come.