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Bladder Issues

Suddenly my dog seems to be peeing all about when before he was trained and never would do this. He is a small dog and only 8 years old so I don’t think its age related and he seems healthy. Is there anything special I can feed him or is this all probably behavioral? Although […]


My cat sheds – horribly. I have to vacuum daily. Is there a product, food – that will limit the hair loss? The shedding of a cat’s coat is a natural process that allows a new coat to grow. The amount and frequency of coat that is shed often depends upon their health and diet. […]

Trends in Diet

My dog is allergic to so many things. I can’t determine all – but have found that a healthy diet has saved me so many visits to the vet for ear infections and such. Kim, can a gluten free diet have as strong an effect on my dog as it does on my children? As […]

Liver Enzymes

In a recent trip to the vet, we were told that our dog had an elevated level of “Lipase”. Is there a natural product you have in the store that would help this? Lipase, a digestive enzyme, is excreted by the pancreas during digestion. In normal circumstances this enzyme enters the small intestine to help […]

Holiday Feast of Pet Friendly Treats

What could possibly be better then those special dinners of turkey, ham, stuffing and pumpkin pie. These are all delicious foods that we love to share with our pets during the holidays, but our scrumptious recipes could turn an otherwise yummy treat into something, well…quite messy. Not only can food be the issue for digestive […]