Is there a list of healthy treats you can provide to reward our pets – and are there are common ones we might find in our own refrigerator or pantry?

What dog doesn’t love treats! Your dog’s age, metabolism, and weight should be a factor in deciding what treats are best. If you are giving the treat as a training reward try to use freeze dried or baked meats and organs. Dogs not only love these but you can give a very small amount. Biscuits made of flours and other sources of carbohydrates should be limited. Just like with humans, too many empty carbohydrates lead to weight gain. If your dog enjoys them, vegetables are a great reward. Apples, green beans, cucumbers, and carrots all add a nice crunch and fresh food to their diet. Keep in mind that treats add calories. Always reduce the amount of food you are feeding your dog for the day if lots of treats are being given.