Hyper Pup

My dog is very active and although I take her on long walks twice a day she still bothers me or the kids constantly. What are some suggestions to keep my dog busy?

I can relate to your frustration. I love my rat terrier, but I have to be honest, she can drive me bonkers. Immediately after an hour walk, she is ready for play time. She is needless to say a “high maintenance” breed. Sometimes I will take a laser pointer and let her chase it around the floor. The chase keeps her occupied and mentally alert (this helps tire her out). A laser pointer is even something a child can do, just make sure they avoid shining it in the eyes. I also use a treat dispenser or hide treats around the house to drain my pups energy. This rewarding exercise is usually any dog’s favorite past time. Make sure to use meat-based treats and avoid those with sugar, malted syrup, molasses or other favorite forms of sweetness used by companies.

Chew bones are a good way to keep them occupied but only for short periods. Bully sticks, antlers or raw bones are great “babysitters” for dogs, but do not let them chew on hard items for an extended period of time as they can wear on the teeth. Never leave them unattended with the chew bone. Nylabones (plastic), rawhide and bones with dyes and flavorings could contain ingredients that may make them more hyper, so be careful what you pick.