Feeding Table Scraps

My dog eats the healthy food I give him, but he loves table food…especially stew. Can I switch up a meal or two each week, and is it ok for our dogs? They say it’s best to switch up our own diets – could it be true for our dogs as well? Feeding our pets […]

Hyper Pup

My dog is very active and although I take her on long walks twice a day she still bothers me or the kids constantly. What are some suggestions to keep my dog busy? I can relate to your frustration. I love my rat terrier, but I have to be honest, she can drive me bonkers. Immediately after […]

Bladder Issues

Suddenly my dog seems to be peeing all about when before he was trained and never would do this. He is a small dog and only 8 years old so I don’t think its age related and he seems healthy. Is there anything special I can feed him or is this all probably behavioral? Although […]


My cat sheds – horribly. I have to vacuum daily. Is there a product, food – that will limit the hair loss? The shedding of a cat’s coat is a natural process that allows a new coat to grow. The amount and frequency of coat that is shed often depends upon their health and diet. […]

Trends in Diet

My dog is allergic to so many things. I can’t determine all – but have found that a healthy diet has saved me so many visits to the vet for ear infections and such. Kim, can a gluten free diet have as strong an effect on my dog as it does on my children? As […]